Executive Council Members

Chairman Stuart Lawler – email chairman@ttfcg.co.uk 
Vice Chairman Paul Crozier – email vicechairman@ttfcg.co.uk 
Hon. Treasurer Geoff Payne – email treasurer@ttfcg.co.uk
Hon. Secretary Jane Girt- email secretary@ttfcg.co.uk
Immediate Past Chairman Mark Gibson – email pastchairman@ttfcg.co.uk
President Stan Spink – email president@ttfcg.co.uk
Vice President Avril Spink – email vicepresident@ttfcg.co.uk

Council Members


SYLO Contact Hon. Secretary – email secretary@ttfcg.co.uk
Technical Officer Paul Crozier – email technicalofficer@ttfcg.co.uk
Sites Coordinator Stan Spink – email sites@ttfcg.co.uk
Countryside Care Steve Girt – email countrysidecare@ttfcg.co.uk
PRO Lynda Brunton – email pro@ttfcg.co.uk
Regalia Contact Hon. Secretary – email secretary@ttfcg.co.uk
Webmaster Jon Meiklejohn – email webmaster@ttfcg.co.uk
Membership Secretary Helen Crozier – email membershipsecretary@ttfcg.co.uk
 Silhouette Editor  Geoff Payne – email silhouette@ttfcg.co.uk
Reps from the Areas
North East Area – Emma Leese
Yorkshire Area – Lynda Brunton
South West – TBC
South East – Susan Willicombe

How it works

The Group’s Section Council (formaly known as the National Committee) is made up of a Representative from each of the Areas plus nine elected Councillors.  Under the constitution now in place, it is not necessary to own or use a trailer tent or folding camper but you do need to have been a Member of the Club and Group for a period of three years without a break.

The Section Council meets three times per year in various locations with the May meeting being held at the Birthday Meet immediately following the AGM.